Specialty Products

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint allows you to make any surface a chalkboard.  From labeling flower pots to identifying children’s chores there are creative uses on Pinterest.  Now you can be even more creative as we can make Chalkboard Paint in any Benjamin Moore Color.


Chalk Paint

Chalk paint, milk paint, and similar products are easy to use and allows you to transform worn furniture and flea market finds into beautiful new pieces.  We chose to stock Rustoleum’s Chalked Paint because it is more affordable than competitors, has a tint base for greater color selections, and includes spray paints.  Visit the store to see samples of some projects we did ourselves and get help planning your next craft project.

Spray Paint

​Spray Paints are often considered utilitarian, touching up some scratches or protecting some outdoor metalwork, but in the right hands they can create beautiful works of art.

This young man was at a festival in St Simons and we were drawn into his colorful paintings.  Then I noticed he was using the same Rust-oleum Painters Touch 2x that we sell and was even more amazed.  Next time you have a project at home be creative and add some color to it!