Paint Recycling

Paint companies have worked to make paints that are better for us and the environment while still performing at a high level.  Even with today’s modern paints there are a number of ways Gainesville Paint can help you help the environment.

Paint estimating – Getting the right amount of paint cuts down on waste and costs

Recommending the right paint for the job - Nothing pains us more than someone who just spent time and money on a project just to see it fail.  Let us help you get it right the first time and save time, money, and the environment.

Premium Paints- Premium paints costs more per gallon but require less paint and you will go longer before you have to repaint.  That is good for the environment and your wallet.

Reusing Paint – If you have old paint lying around we can inspect it for you and determine if it is still usable or not.  Paint can last years but can go bad quickly if the can is not sealed or it freezes.

Paint Disposal and Recycling – Dried paint can be put in the trash but liquid paint can not.  Recycling paint is the preferred method of disposing of liquid paint.  For small amounts of paint, you can simply leave the lid off the can and allow it to harden or add a paint hardener or cat litter to speed up the process.  However, this is often more time consuming and costly than recycling, and the end result ends up in the landfill.


Gainesville Paint is a drop off location for Atlanta Paint Disposal to process old paint from our area.  

  • Please do not mix all of your paint together – they are not able to accept paint once it has been mixed with anything, including other paint.
  • $5 Disposal Fee for both Latex/Water and Oil/Alkyd Paint products