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Interior Paints

Interior Painting is what most people think of when they think of painting.  It is fairly easy to do but still requires proper planning, prep, and application to look good.  In addition to color, the product chosen will affect the look and life of the paint.  The Sheen Section of the Benjamin Moore Color Studio will show you how the light reflectiveness of sheens changes the look of your paint.  Sheen also affects the performance of the product.  For the longest lasting, best looking walls,we recommend Benjamin Moore’s Aura which allows for easy touchup and cleanability.

Oil vs Latex

Advancements in paint technology have changed the “oil lasts longer but is hard to work with and latex does not perform as well discussion.”  We have oils that clean easy and don’t smell as strong (Benjamin Moore Advance) and waterborne products that are durable like oils and can even go over oil(PPG Breakthrough).  We will go beyond the general guidelines and make sure you have the right product for your specific needs.


Bathrooms may be small but they are focal points of a house and create additional challenges.  The humidity is hard on the paint and can leave streaking.  Using an eggshell or semigloss can help reduce this but if you prefer not to have a shiny bathroom we recommend Aura Bath and Spa.  It is a matte finish but is specially designed for high humidity areas.

Ceiling Paint

When planning your project don’t forget your ceiling, also known as the fifth wall.  Many people are painting ceilings to further enhance the mood of a room.  Some choose a lighter version of the wall color others do a totally different but complimentary color.   For the best looking ceilings we recommend Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling Paint.  It is their flattest flat, which hides the imperfections common on ceilings, and the Gennex Colorant will make the color perfect.